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At Elixir, we aim to provide you with the right technology solutions that can be seamlessly brought into your existing environment. The professional guidance that we give will enable you to choose between top technologies to offer optimum performance and return on investment.

Product areas that we focus on include servers from entry to enterprise-level, desktop and laptop computers, mobiles, data storage, networking, backup, memory and component upgrades.

Elixir offers business and technology guidance, application development and systems integration services.

By teaming up with our clients we create turnkey technology solutions that solve business problems and enable organisations to gain competitive advantage.

Buying computers

Some people are 'wary' of computer fairs, thinking that for some reason they are not going to receive the same standard of goods/service that they would in a high street store, this is simply not the case. Typically vendors at computer fairs have their own wholesale/retail/mail order businesses and are just offering goods or services at more realistic prices than the large retail outlets for an example visit our fair_links_trade.htm page.


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